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Basic Introduction To Ultraviolet Lamps
Nov 13, 2018

UV is the abbreviation of English ultraviolet, that is, ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light (UV) is invisible, is visible outside the purple light of a section of electromagnetic radiation, wavelength in the range of 10~400nm. It is usually broken down into the following paragraphs according to its nature:

A vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) with a wavelength of 10--200nm

B Short-wave ultraviolet (UVC) with a wavelength of 200--280nm, which can be sterilized

UV spectroscopy:

C Medium wave Ultraviolet (UVB), Wavelength 290--320nm

D Long wave ultraviolet (UVA), wavelength 320--400nm, can be used for light curing printing

Ultraviolet (UV) is used in industrial production, and long-wave UV (UVA) is commonly used internationally.

Note: NM is nano

What do you mean,  "Nano "?  "Nano " is the translation of English Namometer (abbreviated: NM), is a unit of measure, a nanometer of one out of 10,000 mm, also one-zero meters, about the equivalent of 45 atoms strung together in length.

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